For the CMCM-Assistance guarantee, we’ve chosen Inter Mutuelles Assistance as our competent partner. CMCM-Assistance intervenes 24/7 in the event of sudden illness or accident during a temporary stay abroad.

Travel cancellation

Introduction of a travel cancellation coverage of up to 750€/trip/person with a maximum of 1.500€/person/year.

Conditions :

  • Impossibility of travelling of a beneficiary following an illness, an accident or a hospitalisation of at least 1 night
  • Death of a beneficiary

Emergency consultation abroad

In the event of outpatient treatment abroad, the uncovered medical and medical-dental fees (after participation of the health insurance provider) are covered up to 1.250€/year.

Medical transportation fees

Unlimited coverage of medical transportation fees, including ambulance, helicopter or sanitary plane and the related first-aid fees incurred during a trip abroad, including skiing areas and environments that are difficult to access.


Participation in hospitalisation fees abroad of up to 100.000€ per person and per incident.


UNLIMITED Repatriation and coverage of charges, in the event of a sudden accident or illness.

Death of a beneficiary taken place abroad

Taking charge of the transportation of the body to the location of the inhumation.

Anticipated return in the case of death of a relative

Placing a train or plane ticket at the beneficiaries’ disposal, who are temporarily abroad, in order to be able to attend the funeral of a deceased relative in the G-D of Luxembourg (also valid for beneficiaries living in the countries bordering the G-D of Luxembourg, at a maximal distance of 50km).


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