From January 1st 2018, the Caisse Médico-Complémentaire Mutualiste (CMCM) will adopt new statutes for the benefit of its 265 000 members. In the last years, through rigorous management, CMCM has made a significant surplus and has chosen to redistribute an important part of this to its members. As a mutual fund, the CMCM’s goal is not to make a profit. Its mission is anchored in solidarity and redistribution. 

Consequently, CMCM offers innovative prevention services adapted to today's needs. Among the most prevailing novelties are: 

  • contribution to charges for osteopathy
  • contribution to charges of cardiac stress test
  • contribution to charges for medical testing and analysis
  • contribution to charges for psychological consultations for kids under 18
  • contribution to charges to Mondorf Plus
  • increased contribution to dental and visual aid charges

As part of the CMCM-Assistance services, the coverage per person and per incident in case of a hospitalization or accident abroad has been increased to 100 000€. CMCM also presents the new trip-cancellation coverage with which each person is covered with up to €750 per trip (annual maximum limit of € 1.500/person).

Please find the full description of the new services in our press release