CMCM is proud to announce that it will be the main sponsor of the TeamGym European Championships.

But what is TeamGym?

TeamGym is one of the youngest events in gymnastics. Here, teams of 8 to 10 people compete in three disciplines: Floor, Tumble and Trampet. There are also three categories: Women, Men and Mixed Teams.


In this episode of CMCM News, Fabio Secci focuses on the CMCM emails that are currently circulating.

Important! This email was only sent to members who did not click on the "important notice" in the initial email (November/December 2021) of the call for membership fees.


Dear members,
As of this year, the request for your CMCM membership fee will be sent digitally to all members who have given their email address. This way, we save resources by foregoing the use of paper and we spare time in administration. Being addressed by your full name shows that this email was actually sent by us and is not a phishing attempt or spam.


In this episode, Fabio Secci explains the content of the request for the membership fee for the year 2022 that will be sent to all CMCM members.


Let’s move together for a good cause. CMCM supports the “30.000 pink ribbons” challenge, organized by Europa Donna. Like every year, CMCM supports the Broschtkriibslaf (run to fight / run against breast cancer) which takes place every year in September.


As of September 3, the CMCM will move to its new offices, located in Rue de Hollerich, 32-34.

For this reason, our offices will remain closed from September 3 to 7 inclusive. During this period, you can reach us by e-mail or via the CMCM App.


In our new video campaign, we wanted to find the perfect face for CMCM. A face that is representative of us and reflects our values in its expression.

Inclusion is a core value of CMCM. It is therefore important for us to be able to offer the same range of services regardless of gender, age, origin or health condition.


We are pleased to announce the inauguration of an inclusive playground, created with the support of the CMCM on the site of the central playground at “Parc Merveilleux”. The inauguration took place on Friday, May 14, 2021 in the presence of representatives of APEMH, CMCM and the production company Luximaj.


CMCM has taken the following decision: all existing member currently in the waiting period (as well as all potential new member) will be waived the waiting period if hospitalised based on a Covid-19 diagnose and will thus be entitled to the corresponding coverage of the subscribed guarantee.


The CMCM is partnering with the University of Luxembourg to accelerate research on Parkinson's disease (PD) and epilepsy. Since 2012, the University of Luxembourg has been very active in the field of neurodegenerative diseases thanks to its biomedical research centre, the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB).