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The CMCM is a mutual fund and we act like one. With over 135,000 member families, today we offer protection to over 265,000 people. The strength of the CMCM comes from our commitment to solidarity and non-exclusion. At the CMCM everyone is welcome, a medical record is not necessary and there are no additional charges for other family members.

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The basic package covers the provision of services in case of hospitalisation, surgery and medical-dental treatment, including repatriation from abroad and even travel cancellation.

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The guarantee reimburses your hospitalisation fees and medical costs in 1st class and participates in ambulance transportation fees, orthopaedic soles and preventive medicine.

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The guarantee offers an optimal coverage of your dental and optical costs such as orthodontics, implants and dental prosthesis, glasses, contact lenses, refractive surgery…

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Is your and your family’s health your priority? It’s also CMCM’s priority. Make good decisions for a healthy future and become a member of the CMCM.

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CMCM Indoor Meeting - February 2nd, 2019

As one of the official partners of the FLA, CMCM is proud to support the CMCM Indoor meeting - an internationally renowned sports event held on Saturday February 2nd at the Coque in Luxembourg- Kirchberg. The event will be hosting high-level national and international athletes. More ...

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Our advice for your health

What you should know before starting a weight-loss plan

The CMCM Gesondheetstipps are presented to you by Dr Marc Keipes, Director of the Zitha Gesondheetszentrum.

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