In the event of retroactive membership, can I request reimbursement of the invoices for the period in question?

If the invoices are less than two years old and meet all the conditions of our statutes, you are entitled to a refund.

What is the procedure for dental treatment abroad?

Please click here to download the information sheet.

How can I download the CMCM mobile app on my smartphone?

You can download the CMCM mobile app free of charge, via the App Store or Google Play:

Download on App Store Download On Google Play Store

Or simply scan this QR Code:

QR Code App CMCM


Note: For Android phones, version 8.0 and up is supported.

What are the advantages of the CMCM mobile app?

Thanks to the CMCM app, you no longer have to send us your invoices by post or email, but can now do so conveniently, directly and securely via your smartphone using a photo upload. This also applies to other requests and certificates.

In addition, you also have an overview of the reimbursements already made, as well as the claims submitted and processed.

A further advantage is the access to the list of pharmacies on duty and the possibility to contact the CMCM directly in case of emergencies abroad.

How does the “Trip Cancellation” offer included free of charge in the basic RÉGIME COMMUN package work?

Trip cancellation applies under the following conditions:

Sickness / hospitalization / accident / death


In the event of a medical incident (sickness, accident, hospitalization):

  • Original invoices for travel or trip cancellation costs
  • Declaration of partial reimbursement or refusal of reimbursement from travel providers (tour operator, airlines, hotels, etc.)

In the event of death:

  • Death certificate
  • Original invoices for travel or trip cancellation costs
  • Declaration of partial reimbursement or refusal of reimbursement from travel providers (tour operator, airlines, hotels, etc.)

You can download the form here.

What should I do in the event of a change in civil status?

  • Marriage or partnership (PACS): In this case, all you need to do is send us a copy of the marriage or partnership certificate (PACS) either via the CMCM app, by email to or by post to CMCM, L-2971 Luxembourg. 

    Partners of CMCM members will receive the same benefits as the primary member at no extra cost starting at the date of marriage or PACS.


  • Birth: In this case, simply send us a copy of the birth certificate either via the CMCM app, by email to or by post to CMCM, L-2971 Luxembourg. 

    The new member will receive the same benefits as the primary member at no extra cost starting at the date of birth.


  • Separation: As long as divorce has not been finalized, the member will remain covered. A comember cannot be ‘withdrawn’ from the membership before the divorce has been finalized.


  • Divorce or end of partnership: Simply send us a copy of the divorce certificate either via the CMCM app, by email to or by post to CMCM, L-2971 Luxembourg.

    The membership will remain in effect for the primary member. If the comember wishes to remain a member of the CMCM, he or she has 12 months to renew membership with no waiting period and at a favourable rate. Please note that during that period, he or she will not be covered by CMCM.


  • Death: Simply send us a copy of the death certificate either via the CMCM app, by email to or by post to CMCM, L-2971 Luxembourg. 

    If the primary member has died, the membership will be automatically transferred to the comember without a waiting period or additional costs.


  • Young adult:
  1. If you have finished school and are no longer a comember on your parents’ health insurance and have been a member of the CMCM for at least 12 months, there is no waiting period. As a young, unmarried person under the age of 30, you will benefit from a 10% discount on your premium.
  2. If you have finished school and are still covered by your parents’ health insurance, you will be covered as a comember by the CMCM. Simply send us a certificate of coinsurance from your health insurance provider (for example, CNS).


  • Loss of membership card: You can request a new card by calling us at +352 49 94 45 300, via the CMCM app, by email to Please indicate your full name, address, phone number and, if possible, your CMCM number.


  • Membership reinstatement:

    If you have cancelled your CMCM membership to join another health mutual or private insurance in Luxembourg or abroad (in the event of relocation), you can reinstate your membership at CMCM—with NO waiting period—if you are in possession of a certificate demonstrating your membership at a competing health mutual or insurance company.

Can I pay my annual membership fee in cash?

No, premiums must be paid via bank transfer.

Do I have the right to a reimbursement even if my insurance provider refuses to cover my dental prosthesis because I’ve missed the prescribed period?

Yes, you have a right to reimbursement even in this case.


What documents do I need to submit to request reimbursement of dental costs?

We need a copy of the invoice and a declaration of the amount covered by your health insurance.

What is CMCM Assistance?

CMCM Assistance is automatically included in the basic package, also known as the RÉGIME COMMUN. It provides assistance 24/7, 7/7 in the event of sudden illness or accident while travelling abroad. CMCM Assistance includes coverage for medical transportation and unrestricted repatriation, costs of hospitalization and medical fees up to €100,000 per member per incident. Since early 2018, it also includes coverage of trip cancellation costs.

CMCM Assistance also includes non-surgical outpatient treatment, in which case the CMCM takes responsibility for any medical costs, associated costs, and medical-dental costs that are left uncovered after the participation of the health insurance provider up to a maximum amount of €1,250 per calendar year. Any member studying or volunteering abroad can also benefit from this coverage.

What should I do if I am sent abroad for surgery?

In this case, you will need to present a transfer request from a doctor and authorization from your insurance provider (form S2).

Do I need to add the optional DENTA & OPTIPLUS coverage to benefit from the reimbursement of dental costs?

The basic package, known as RÉGIME COMMUN, already covers a certain number of dental costs, but with the optional DENTA & OPTIPLUS coverage, you will benefit from even better coverage of your dental costs and optical costs associated with, for example, the purchase of glasses, contact lenses and even refractive eye surgery.  

When can I opt for payment via direct debit?

You can opt for this mode of payment at any time.

What should I do if the bank account linked to my reimbursements has changed?

Please send us a bank statement either through the CMCM app, by email to or by post to CMCM, 32-34, rue de Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg-Gare.

What should I do if the bank account linked to my direct debit has changed?

If your bank account has changed, please submit a new authorization form. You can download this form here.

Please send us the new direct debit form per post at CMCM, L-2971 Luxembourg.

What should I do if the direct debit was not executed?

If the direct debit was not executed, please call us at +352 49 94 45 400, and together we'll find a solution.


Is there a price difference if I pay my premium monthly or annually via direct debit?

No, the method of payment has no influence on the amount of the membership fee. The amount remains unchanged.

On what date does direct debit occur?

Monthly payment: on the 2nd of each month

Bi-annual payment:  2 January and 2 July

Annual payment: 2 January

Is my CMCM premium tax-deductible?

Yes, it is tax-deductible. All you have to do is include your annual premium fee in your tax declaration. You no longer need to apply for a certificate from the CMCM.


No, it is not obligatory to send a quote before the treatment begins. However, if you want to know the amount that will be reimbursed, you can always send us a quote that has been approved or rejected by your health insurance fund.

How long does it take to be reimbursed?

The reimbursement period is normally around 2 weeks.

Please have a look at the current reimbursement periods per service. They will be updated weekly:

 National Department:

  1. This concerns your hospital, medical and medication fees inside Luxembourg as well as those linked to preventive medicine.

Reimbursement period : 4 weeks

  1. This concerns your fees linked to corrective lenses, frames and lenses.

Reimbursement period : 4 weeks

Foreign Department:

This concerns all your hospital fees abroad.

Reimbursement period: 3 weeks

 Dental Department: 

  1. This concerns all your dental care fees inside Luxembourg.

Reimbursement period : 3 weeks

  1. This concerns all your dental care fees abroad.

Reimbursement period : 3 weeks

Why is it important to show my CMCM card in the event of hospitalization?

By showing your membership card upon admission to the hospital, you will automatically benefit from third-party payment, in other words, the CMCM will take direct responsibility for the hospitalization costs that are covered in the CMCM package.

How do I submit an invoice to the CMCM?

You can send us your invoices via:

You may also deliver your invoices in person at our offices at Luxembourg-Gare, 32-34, rue de Hollerich.

Note that insurance companies (e.g. CNS) will NOT send your invoices to us!

What is the deadline for submitting an invoice?

Invoices must be received by the CMCM within two years of being paid. After two years, reimbursement is no longer possible.

Can reimbursements also be paid out in cash?

Reimbursements cannot be paid out in cash, but will be transferred directly to your bank account or postal current account.

How can I cancel optional coverage or my entire membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership or your PRESTAPLUS or DENTA & OPTIPLUS coverage, you must notify us by registered post before December 31st of the current year.

The cancellation of a membership or coverage is valid for all members included on the membership in question. Please note that all contributions due need to be paid.


How can I add PRESTAPLUS or & OPTIPLUS coverage?

You can add coverage to your plan online or download the form here and send it back to us completed with your signature. Also, please don’t hesitate to stop by our office.

What is the waiting period for new members?

You can benefit from CMCM services after the specific waiting period has passed. The waiting period varies depending on your plan:

RÉGIME COMMUN: 3-months, except for CMCM Assistance for which there is NO waiting period.

PRESTAPLUS: 3-month waiting period

DENTA & OPTIPLUS: 3-month waiting period

Do all members included in my membership benefit from the same coverage as the primary membership holder?

Yes, all members included in your membership benefit from the same coverage as the primary membership holder at no extra charge.

Where can I find the name of my health mutual?

You can call us at +352 49 94 45 300 or email us to with your question and CMCM identification number or your national insurance number.

Mail: Do I need to put a stamp on everything I send by post to the CMCM?

Yes, but you can also send your letters and documents via email. Please have a look here, to find the email address that fits best you need.

Offices: Do you have any offices other than those at Luxembourg-Gare?

The CMCM’s only offices are at Luxembourg-Gare, at 32-34 Rue de Hollerich.

Appointments: Is it necessary to make an appointment before each visit to your offices at Luxembourg-Gare?

No, you don’t have to schedule an appointment. 

We are open Mon-Fri 8:45–11:45 & 13:00–17:00