In March 2017, I joined a group trip to China on my own. It was organised by a travel agency specialised in guided tours in Asia. We were exploring the Fujian province located on China’s south-east coast when someone bumped into me and I fell on my hip. Although I’ve been a member of the CMCM since 1964, I wasn’t aware of the CMCM-Assistance guarantee. It was the doctor from Luxembourg travelling in our group who told me about it. We immediately contacted CMCM-Assistance to notify them of my accident.

I was transported by ambulance from Longyan/Liancheng to Hong Kong, 800 kilometres away. The journey was very long, but fortunately, one of the two Chinese doctors spoke good English, which made it easier to communicate. I was transferred to the Adventist Hospital on Hong Kong Island, a highly reputable establishment, where I was greeted by Mr. Fabrice Mannarino, a nurse anaesthetist specially sent by CMCM-Assistance. What a relief! I felt saved! Mr. Mannarino accompanied me on the Lufthansa Business Class flight from Hong Kong to Frankfurt, then into the ambulance that drove me to the hospital in Kirchberg. He remained at my side until I went into the operating room. I can’t thank Mr. Mannarino enough for his competence, kindness and availability. He waited on me hand and foot and offered kind words of reassurance. I also have to extend a big tank you to the CMCM for its excellent management of the situation and good organisation of my return home.

Member of the CMCM since 1964