In March 2016, my wife and I were on a cruise from Hong Kong to Dubai. Due to high temperatures and the hot and humid climate, I suddenly found myself struggling to breathe while climbing stairs in Vietnam. I went straight to the ship’s doctor because I have a history of heart problems. The doctor diagnosed me with an impending heart attack and immediately sent me to a clinic specialised in cardiovascular cases in Singapore for further testing.

The ambulance was already waiting for me in Singapore and took me straight to the clinic. I was immediately transferred into intensive care, which called for several formalities, including proving that I was insured. Fortunately, I was able to show my CMCM membership card. We also contacted CMCM-Assistance and they made sure that a local insurance companion, a partner of Inter Mutuelles Assistance (IMA), took care of my wife and I.

Unfortunately, my hospital stay lasted longer than expected. Our ship left port and we were left behind in a foreign country where we didn’t understand the language. Luckily, this didn’t last long. A doctor from CMCM-Assistance contacted me on several occasions after having discussed with the doctor who was treating me and offered advice.

Everything moved very fast in the specialised cardiovascular clinic in Singapore. The cardiologist advised me to have surgery, an operation that was going to cost €40,000. IMA quickly confirmed that it would cover the costs, and informed the hospital directly. It was later determined that an operation wasn’t necessary. While all of this was going on, CMCM-Assistance sent someone to take care of my wife.

In the end, I didn’t need surgery. But we still needed to figure out how to get back to Luxembourg. First, I contacted another insurance company that I am also covered by. The agent kindly assured me that they would get me home. However, I had to wait a few days before I was cleared fit to fly, and my return ticket was no longer valid. Then there was the fact that my wife, who was not the patient in this case, had to cover her own return flight.

Panicked, I called the CMCM-Assistance doctor. He explained that at CMCM, my wife and I were both covered by repatriation insurance if the doctors in charge deemed CMCM-Assistance’s services possible and necessary. My wife suffers from coronary thrombosis and takes regular medication, so the CMCM-Assistance doctor decided that she could also travel alongside me in business class from Singapore to Frankfurt. A driver took us to the airport in Singapore and a taxi was waiting for us in Frankfort to take us safely to our door.

Today, I know that we are perfectly well covered by the CMCM and have no need whatsoever to look for other insurance providers or repatriation services. 


Lucien KAPP
Member of the CMCM since 1976