In 1990, at the age of 18, I chose, just like my parents, to continue being a member of the Caisse Médico Chirurgicale.

Since the beginning, I’ve been a member of the PRESTAPLUS system. This is how, without any difficulty, I was able to enjoy an individual room when I had my surgeries, with 100% of the associated costs taken care of.

Thanks to my membership, my husband and my children, Tom, Luc and Eva, were able to join the CMCM for free. What a comfort it was to be able to sleep with them in one room when they had their tonsil operations. This is a challenge for all moms, but with my membership card, everything was covered thanks to the CMCM.

Among my positive experiences, I can also cite the birth of my children: Tom in 2002, Luc in 2007 and Eva in 2009. For each of my deliveries, I was able to benefit from an epidural and first-class treatment: VIP service and 5 days of rest with a medical assistant before returning home. All of the fees were directly handled by the CMCM without us having to pay any advances.

At the end of 2002, I suffered a herniated disc following an accident: once again, everything was paid for and organized by the CMCM. All I had to do was give my membership number at the hospital reception desk. The associated fees were also taken care of afterwards.

It’s a true relief to know that no matter what the surgery, involving myself or my family, things will be taken care of by the CMCM without us having to pay in advance or supplementary charges.

My last operation didn’t go very well and I had to prolong my visit, which should have been an outpatient procedure, to a 10-day hospital stay. At no moment did I have any financial worries about the situation. On the contrary, I knew that my partner was at my side to prevent me from any concerns.

If I were to give a gift for my children’s 18th birthday, before a driver’s license, I would most certainly choose a CMCM membership card.

CMCM, comfort and assurance of a serene future for every member. 


Member of the CMCM since 1990