Dental care and periodontal treatment

  • Annual maximum of 1000€ per person covered for dental care

  • Annual maximum of 400€ per person covered for periodontal treatment

The benefits for periodontal treatments combined with dental care may not exceed an annual maximum of 1000€.


  •  Child (<17 year) : Maximum upper limit of 400€ per child per act for orthodontic benefits

  • Person (17 year and more) : One-off contribution of 350€ per person

Dental prostheses and implants

  • Annual maximum of 2,500€ per person covered for dental prostheses without exceeding 3,500€ per period of 2 consecutive calendar years.

Dental implants

  • Flat-rate of 350€ per implant with an annual maximum of 1,400€ per person covered.

Visual aids

The CMCM participates in up to 80% in the remaining charges incurred by the member, following the participation of the health insurance provider and the CMCM’s régime commun, for the following benefits:

  • Annual maximum of 150€ per person covered for corrective lenses.

  • Annual maximum of 100€ per person covered for contact lenses.

  • Annual maximum of 30€ per person covered for a glasses frame.

refractive surgery

Participation in up to 1000€ per eye for refractive surgery.

Benefit from the THIRD-PARTY PAYMENT service that CMCM has negotiated with some ophthalmic practices. Find HERE the list of the cabinets.

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