In the event of transfer abroad for surgery or serious medical treatment, the CMCM participates in hospitalization costs, medical fees and other related charges. Members of the CMCM can enjoy these benefits through either the “Paying third party” method or the “Settlement by reimbursement” method.

Paying third party method

The CMCM assumes responsibility for hospitalization costs, medical fees and other related charges from authorized medical establishments in France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, according to the provisions of bilateral agreements.

Settlement by reimbursement method

In cases where the hospital establishment is authorized by the CMCM, the costs associated with medical-surgical treatment must first be paid by the member. The member will then receive a reimbursement from the CMCM for hospitalization costs, medical fees as well as other related charges.

Common services abroad include

  • Companion travel
  • External and internal prostheses
  • Therapies
  • Additional costs before and after hospitalization
  • Travel costs and medical transportation


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