The benefits listed below are also granted in the event of refusal by the mandatory health insurance provider up to the official rate stated in the official statutes of Luxembourg National Health Fund (CNS).*

  • Reimbursement of incurred costs up to 100% of the official CNS rates

    • Gum and dental care; ex: Tartar removal, General anaesthesia, including MEOPA up to €100 for children up to the age of 14
    • Dental extractions; ex: Lower molars, Root, ...
    • Surgical extractions
    • Orthodontics (beginning of treatment before the age of 17)
  • Maximum amounts for dental care reimbursement*

    • Gum and dental care; ex:  Metallic braces 50€, Inlay €35, ...
    • Periodontal surgery per half-arcade: 90€ per 5-year period
    • Dental implant: 150€ per implant
*For conditions, please see statutory provisions 


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