When you’re young, you don’t necessarily think about health-related issues, even though they are fundamental.

However, as you get older and your family grows, you’re often faced with the accidents and/or incidents that life has in store for you and make you realize that everything isn’t always rosy. These surprises in life don’t always touch us directly, but it’s important to keep in mind that unfortunate events don’t only happen to other people. In 2013, my wife and I decided to become members of a mutual fund because our family was growing and prevention is always the best medicine.

The question remained of which mutual fund would be the best suited to our needs. We chose the CMCM for several reasons:

  • Large number of members, sign of confidence
  • Strong reputation
  • Quality - price ratio

One of the many advantages of the CMCM is that it offers a single price that is not linked to the number of people in the household. Therefore, the CMCM covers parents and (all) of the children in the household without increasing the price, which is not the case with all mutual funds.

For the CMCM, participating in expenses is as important as your health problems are serious. Although I think that other mutual funds might offer more reimbursement for medical costs, when you are faced with serious health crises, the reimbursements offered by CMCM cover almost all of the expenses not covered by your health insurance. One sad anecdote comes to mind that illustrates this perfectly. About 15 years ago, a friend of the family lost her eldest son to cancer. At the time, they had to go to Brussels on a regular basis for their son’s treatment and the mother praised the help they received from the CMCM to cover their travel expenses, which she could have never paid for herself. This story made an impression on me and encouraged me to choose a mutual fund for my own family.

I’ve never been disappointed with the benefits that the CMCM offers. We were able to enjoy the intimacy of a private room for the birth of our last child, something you can’t put a price on. Another time, my wife had to recover from a rather expensive dental surgery and there was no delay in CMCM’s reimbursement. In general, the reimbursements arrive in a very timely fashion.

I recommend the CMCM to anyone who would like to sign up for a mutual fund in the Grand Duchy.


Member of the CMCM since 2013